Photo Set: Cake Decorations 1

We made another trip to the Sydney Royal Easter show again, because I wanted to get more pictures of the awesome Cake Decorations that’s on display every year. This time around we’ve managed to stay patient and made our way around the displays one cake at a time, managed to fill up a couple of memory cards on the way.

We’ll start with the beautiful, elegant and amazing…

Wedding Cakes





The details are incredible. I can’t imagine how many hours it would have taken to create something this spectacular. Cake6






This is my favourite out of the wedding cakes on display. Which is yours?

I hope you enjoyed this photo set as much as I did snapping them. There was so many awesome cakes on display this year, so please look forward to the rest of the photos to come!

Til next time!

Sixth Element

Spent some time going through my picture folders and found this picture of a  Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, taken way back in 2012 at the Sydney Motor Show.  The name ‘Sesto Elemento’ is Italian for ‘Sixth Element’ which is a reference for the atomic number of ‘Carbon’. This car is majorly made out of Carbon Fibre to reduce the overall weight of the car to under 1 tonne.

Someday I hope to see this car in action and witness just how atrociously fast it is.